Combined Modalities Course

We live in a world where technology is always changing. The Beauty Therapy industry is no exception. New trends, treatments, products, and tools are constantly popping up. To progress in the modern beauty therapy industry, you need to know how to combine treatment to enhance treatment results.

I am a current member of professional industry associations of Australia ABIC & APAN. These associations collaborate with us to constantly adhere to strict codes of ethics and meet specific industry requirements. My goal is to create a partnership with you through customised BESPOKE IN-CLINIC TRAINING.

Karen Geiszler

Owner/Manager Karen Geiszler Beauty & Modality Training

Combined Modalities

The skin is a complex organ with an intricate structure and diversity of function, which creates a synergistic, multi-faceted and multi-layered working tissue.

This is why combination treatment programs form the mainstay of effective remedial skincare. Exploring which treatments can be safely combined for maximum benefit is key to the success of any aesthetic practice, but equally, knowing how to avoid over-treatment is also vital to avoid adverse skin reactions and damage.

Modern practice is to use a progressive rather than aggressive approach to  skin treatment, and a fundamental part of achieving this balance is to support the skin’s health and boost its capacity for healing and regeneration. This will determine the positivity of your treatment outcomes.

You could consider using a variety of modality treatments which will support healthy cell metabolism, repair and renewal, such as


  • IPL

Becoming fluent in integrated treatment planning will have a significant impact not only on the results you achieve but on the growth of your business, retention of clients and the establishment of your reputation as a specialist in skin health.

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