I aim to inspire every unique therapist to achieve new skills.
Giving you the confidence to enhance your treatment outcomes.

“Karen’s delivery was excellent, she has a standard of excellence in making sure her student understands the concept, correct delivery technique. Has patience, what I love most about learning with Karen was her genuine sincerity.”

Rosalie Palmer

Refresh Rejuvenate


We live in a world where technology is always changing.
The Beauty Therapy industry is no exception. New trends, treatments, products, and tools are constantly popping up.

At KG Beauty & Modality Practical Training we stay on top of advanced treatment because it’s our job to share these modalities.

Here are some of the KG Beauty & Modality Training student’s comments.

“Training was amazing. Karen was thorough and has an ability to explain procedures and training in many different ways to suit each person’s needs. I cannot tell you how many times I have had a question and Karen has been able to guide/direct me to what I needed. I look forward to furthering my training with new modalities and products trained by Karen”

Robyn M


“Loved the training with Karen, everything was easy to understand. Highly recommend doing one of KG Beauty & Modality courses. I cant wait to begin the next”

Rebecca Kelaher

Kalon Skin Therapy

“Amazing training session, theory and practical was the perfect balance and easy to understand. I feel really confident and can’t wait to do more training”

Chelsea Miller

Breathe Skin Body Mind

“Had a wonderful day learning with Karen, would recommend to other therapists and salons. So easy to understand and I loved the practical aspect as well”

Korrin Bourke

Korrins Health & Beauty

“Great training course, everything was easy to understand, Karen answered all my questions and was so helpful. Definitely 10 out of 10!”

Jessica Bagley

Victoria Point

“Excellent training with Karen, wished we could have had more it was so good. So easy to understand. Can’t wait to put into practice”

Kieryne Strid

Injex Clinic Aspley

“I enjoyed the training thoroughly, everything was explained and there was a great mix of theory and practical, all my questions were answered”

Amanda Denman

Divine Innovation Beauty Centre

All the training was concise and easy to understand. Fantastic day of training highly recommend Karen’s courses.

Rebecca Langmaid

Becs Skin & Beauty

“Thoroughly enjoyed the training it was perfect, the practical and theory was well balanced and easy to understand. If your thinking of doing a course I highly recommend you do”

Rebekah Stow


“Great training day, loved the practical aspect which was so helpful. Karen was fantastic definitely 10 out of 10! Highly Recommend”

Jeenie Bowen

Breathe Skin Body Mind




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